About Us : Our Mission, Vision, and Goals


The mission of HOPE School for Special Needs is to determine and maximize the strengths and capabilities of our students. Within a safe and secure environment, and with the support of highly qualified and well- trained staff, our students are provided a developmentally appropriate learning environment, motivating experiences and additional support services.


The vision of Hope School for Special Needs is that one day Special Education training in Kuwait will be the standard against which other societies in the Gulf Region measure their success; that our Society will create unique opportunities for students with special needs in order that they may lead meaningful lives and be part of  supportive workplaces; that parents will take responsibility for their family planning and make healthy choices for their children  and that HOPE School will be the school of choice for special needs education utilizing the best practices with the best available resources in the hands of well trained and knowledgeable international staff.


The primary goal of HOPE School for Special Needs is to prepare all our students for the challenges of the future. Our School’s instructional focus is to ensure well- planned and purposeful activities for learning that are appropriate for each child’s developmental level.

  • Learning program with after-school
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through play


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