Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps children increase their independence and engagement in everyday activities. Occupational therapists look at children from a holistic perspective and help them develop the fine motor, sensory motor, gross motor, and visual motor skills that children need to function and socialize.

At Hope School for Special Needs we have a highly qualified and dedicated team of occupational therapists that work with the students to increase their independence and to help them engage with all school activities, especially those they find challenging.


Fine motor skills to help children grasp and release toys and do controlled movements. This can include holding a pencil, using scissors, building with blocks and using tools such as a hammer

Hand-eye coordination skills to help with play and school skills such as hitting a target and copying from the board.

Gross motor skills such as jumping, climbing and balancing.

Play skills including playing with cause and effect toys, playing with other children, taking turns and understanding rules of board games.

Self-care skills such as dressing and using a spoon to eat.

Prewriting skills include scribbling, drawing lines and drawing simple shapes. Once these skills are learned students can start to practice their writing skills. Examples of skills the students will practice include writing letters with proper formation, copying words or sentences, writing between lines or writing sentences with proper spacing between the words.

Visual perceptual skills that will help in play and writing. Activities may include copying designs, completing pictures, making puzzles, scanning and matching.

Following group instructions to increase engagement in classroom activities.

Cognitive skills including organization, attention and memory.

Specific exercises and techniques are used strengthen the students’ sense of touch (tactile), sense of balance (vestibular), and sense of where the body is  in space (proprioception). This can help the students regulate their sensory needs and increase their attention and engagement in activities.