Principal’s Letter

Dear Parents,

The staff and I are so happy to be able to work once again with your children! Whether it is in-class or online or a combination, we promise to give our best efforts to make your child comfortable with their new learning environment. If we have learned any lessons from our COVID19 experience it is that we are all more careful with preventative health practices, more resilient to difficulties and stronger in our faith.  

The biggest change to school operations this year is in this area of personal protection and hygiene. Classroom designs have been changed as furniture and materials were removed to make it easier to clean and disinfect surfaces. Anyone and everyone who enters the school has their temperature checked and recorded. The day for students is shorter and some of our program offerings such as swimming, playground use, cafeteria use and bus transportation have been discontinued. We await the day when these may be approved for our use.  

Even with these restrictions, I am so pleased that we have been able to implement these changes and start doing what we do best – teaching and caring for our students. 

This handbook is intended to be a helpful summary of the information you need to become familiar with our program, to understand our philosophy and to follow our procedures. Please keep in mind most of the information will apply to ‘normal’ circumstances (before-COVID) while particular adaptations for these COVID times will be highlighted. You, the Parent, and we, the HOPE School Staff, are a team working for the success of our students. Please review this information so that we can be as organized, efficient and safe as possible. 

To our children’s health and success, 

Dr. Linda Fouke